NASA Astronauts Responded To B.o.B's Plans To Prove The Earth Is Flat, And It's Amazing

Last week, rapper B.o.B made headlines after setting up a GoFundMe page to finance a rather bizarre project; sending a satellite into space to prove that the Earth is flat.  His plans involve sending a satellite "as far into space as possible" to take a photo of the Earth, which he believes will look like a map.

Needless to say, it's utterly absurd. There are already countless photos of the Earth from space, all of them showing a big old round globe. 

No amount of asking questions like this on Twitter will change that:

However, NASA astronauts, lovely as they are, have taken time out of their busy lives in order to save B.o.B a few U.S.D. First up was Terry Virts, who has spent a lot of time on the International Space Station. He confirmed he'd seen just how round it is. 

Buzz Aldrin, the second man on the moon, also jumped in to second this. It's sort of what he does.

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly also had advice for B.o.B, as well as video evidence that the Earth is round. If he takes the 35 seconds required to watch it, he'll see just how round the world is, and save his GoFundMe donors the $200,000 he's asking for.

It could definitely be better spent on Puerto Rico relief.

So did all of this evidence directly tweeted at B.o.B from people who have seen the Earth from space convince him? Of course not. Not even close. B.o.B seems to believe it's evidence that he's getting close to the truth. 

Which people from all around the globe obviously aren't impressed by...


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  1. Quit BOB, you're embarrassing yourself.

    1. I dont know...Tila Tequila agrees with him, so it may be true...

  2. watch a ahip go to sea. if it appears to go down and disappear then the world is round. ...also,if the world was flat we would see a line at some point on the moon instead of a curve.
    we arent siscouraging you we are trying help,you not find out youre wepmg and hve to say WE TOLD YOU SO !!!

  3. B.o.B. is an I.d.i.o.t.

  4. I hope he's aware that Satellites, on average, cost around $300 Million ...

    1. This man thinks the world is flat... like Truly believes it. The cost of an average Satellite is the least of his problems.

  5. Please, give him the money and send him, inside his Satellite, off the earth and into space.

  6. Once he has received the first image from his satellite, I believe that he will find excuse to say NASA has secret power or magic to make the earth look round. XD