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Over the past few decades, NASA and a variety of astronomers have been searching high and low for life on other planets. In their quest over 2,000 planets or exoplanets, have been found. The funny thing is, out of all these planets, not one sign of intelligent life has been found. 

Heck, even if it wasn’t intelligent that’d be cool. Researchers in Germany say our strategy just isn’t working out. NASA certainly is looking hard for aliens, just not in the right places. So where is the right place?


If aliens do exist, chances are, they have been trying to find life just like NASA. Perhaps they’ve even been sending us signals. Researchers believe a certain area of the sky would be prone to these signals. The zone where the Earth goes in front of the sun every year is said to be noticeable by distant observers. According to researchers, the probability that aliens are trying to contact us in that part of the sky is much higher than anywhere else. Using that information, perhaps NASA can narrow down the search and attempt a cosmic handshake of sorts.


This communication strategy occurs as follows. When a planet passes in front of the star, what occurs is an instance of transient dimming. This transit can be measured by devices. It is exactly how astronomers found so many planets to being with. Once this area is identified in the sky, the region is narrowed down significantly. This allows researchers to scan the atmosphere of a given planet for any indicators of life. Easier said than done, but the possibility is there. The fact is, if we have the technology to do this and space itself is infinitely large, who’s to say aliens out there aren’t using the same technique? Perhaps even more advanced ones. The moment towards extraterrestrial discovery is a surely a possibility and maybe even sooner than we think.

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